My little updates are changing

As many of you friends and family know, I have been attending a 20 week Cooking Course at L’Academie Cuisine. I had been updating many of you for the past couple weeks, with interesting tidbits of information I have learned from my classes. It was suggested to me, that I take all of these musings and put them on a blog…so that is what this is. I thought, if nothing else, this would make it easier for me to share some pictures and also perhaps some links to other websites for those who might be interested. I know not everyone is quite as excited as I tend to be over learning to make a fortified stock or figuring out the difference between “blanching” and par-cooking”; however I think at least some of the things I am learning can be useful to anyone who cooks even somewhat often at home. I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to share, ask questions, or comment. I am definitely not an expert, but right now I have access to some real expert chefs in class, and I would be happy to ask questions and report back.

Happy Cooking!


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